1. Revised Notice of Publication
    1. 2.1 EXHIBIT 1_Publication of Notice of Filing
    2. EXHIBIT 2_Certified true copy of Articles of Incorporation
    3. EXHIBIT 3_Certified true copy of By-Laws
    4. EXHIBIT 4_2022 General Information Sheet
    5. EXHIBIT 5_2018-2020 Audited Financial Statements
    6. EXHIBIT 6_2018-2020 Annual Income Tax Return
    7. EXHIBIT 7_Investment Agreement
    8. EXHIBIT 8_Credit Line Agreement – Supplier
    9. EXHIBIT 9_Lease Contracts
    10. EXHIBIT 10_DENR Endorsement Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)
    11. EXHIBIT 11_DOE Certificate of Compliance
    12. EXHIBIT 12_Insurance Policies
    13. EXHIBIT 13_Notarized Curriculum Vitae
    14. EXHIBIT 14_Authority to Examine Bank Accounts
    15. EXHIBIT 15_Duly verified Board resolution dated and manually signed by a majority of the Issuer’s BOD
    16. EXHIBIT 16_Secretary's Certificate as to adoption Fit and Proper Rule and Undertaking allowing the SEC to resolve conflicting issues
    17. EXHIBIT 17_Corporate Governance Manual
    18. EXHIBIT 18_Brochures and Selling Materials
    19. EXHIBIT 18.1_Registration Guide
    20. EXHIBIT 18.2_Advertising Video
    21. EXHIBIT 19_Sample Blueprint Copy
    22. EXHIBIT 20_Legal opinion Relating to Tax Matters
    23. EXHIBIT 21_Trademark Registration
    24. EXHIBIT 22_Construction Agreement
    25. EXHIBIT 23_Consultancy Agreement
    26. EXHIBIT 24_ATH Systems FZ LLE Business Registration
    27. EXHIBIT 25_Audited Interim Financial Statements as of 30 September 2022
    28. EXHIBIT 26_Credit Line with Metrobank
    29. EXHIBIT 27_Income and Cash Flow Projection Reviewed by Independent Auditor (Valdes Abad & Company, CPAs-Alfonso Cay-an)
    30. EXHIBIT 28_2021 Audited Financial Statement and Income Tax Return
    31. EXHIBIT 29_Illustration of Payout
    32. EXHIBIT 30_FERC Tax Ruling Application
    33. EXHIBIT 31_FERC Amended AOI and By-Laws