Fil Expat Fuels Resources Corporation also known as FERC Fuels is a young energy organization established in the Philippines and registered under SEC in April 2017. We believe as a company that the true value we create to our stakeholders is not measured by the length of time or the number of years we have operated in the market, but the depth of impact we have created in helping change the lives of Overseas Filipino communities abroad with the so little time we have had in serving them.

Driven by purpose, the company aims to create income opportunities exclusively for Overseas Filipinos through providing them access to invest in a lucrative gas station business while working abroad and earning a passive income in the Philippines.

We also aim to provide employment opportunities to the residents of all localities we serve in the Philippines where we run and operate our gas stations.

In less than a year, FERC Fuels has built 3 gas stations that are now operating in 3 municipalities in Cebu, Philippines. The first station opened in Liloan, Cebu, followed by the second station in Compostela, Cebu, and the third station at Carmen, Cebu. The fourth station in San Fernando, Cebu is currently under construction, while permits and documentations are still in process for the fifth station in Carcar City, Cebu. Five stations will be fully operational before end of year 2018. The company has rapidly grown over a short period of time and we aim to continuously grow over the coming years in order to create growth and bigger opportunities for Overseas Filipinos and the communities we serve.


FERC is governed by its three (3) missions symbolized by the three significant lanes in our official logo.

Company Logo

For Exclusive Overseas Filipino Partners:

We envision to create more Overseas Filipino Investors by lowering the capital requirement to provide equal access and opportunity to all Overseas Filipinos to invest in a lucrative gas station business and earn a guaranteed income in the Philippines while working abroad. This also supports the OFW Reintegration Program of the government in helping them have a secure earnings while they are in the process of reintegrating in their communities.

For the Community:

We provide an equal employment opportunity (EEO) to residents where FERC Fuels operate their gas stations from construction period until they fully operate.

We are committed to serving the community 24/7 and provide high quality service standards, as well as maintain a competitive and regulated prices of our petroleum products.

For the Corporation:

We dare to dream and become the first and leading Overseas Filipinos exclusively owned energy company, FERC Fuels a brand by Overseas Filipinos that would sustain for many years and pass on the legacy for the next generation to come.

We continuously uphold the set standards and best practices in improving, innovating and driving the company forward in order to preserve our business interest and the interest of the public.



We aim to create long-term value to our stakeholders by meeting the growing demand of energy business in the Philippines and ensuring sustainability and growth opportunities by setting effective strategies in place.

Through our business program, we look forward to enlarging our scope in building more gas stations across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines over the years.

We design our business program using our SMART approach.

  • Business Program – we present our plans and strategies to our future partners.
  • Construction – we take charge of our site development from lot lease to hand over of the gas station.
  • Management – we run the business 24/7 using our Strategic Marketing Approaches.
  • Investors’ Relation – we deliver our promise to our Preferred Shareholders and we are transparent in providing them access to regular updates on their dividends through our online portal.